Bespoke Furniture

We create kitchens and dining rooms for people who love food, entertaining and good company in the same way as you appreciate the finest craftsmanship.

We design sociable places and spaces, where the process of preparing a meal can be as rewarding and enjoyable as eating it, with every ergonomic detail considered and delivered – from the pantry to the plate.

Bespoke Furniture

The privacy of the bedroom, bathroom and dressing room contrasts with the sociable, open nature of the modern kitchen and living areas.

The joy of commissioning and creating bespoke furniture is in creating a home that is coherent and consistent in its detail and quality, yet entirely individual and appropriate.


We pride ourselves on the versatility of our joinery and furniture-making skills, and we have been lucky enough to apply these to every corner of the house – wine cellars, games rooms, bars, utility rooms, entertainment centres, home offices, halls and staircases.