We love traditional, classical forms and designs, but we aren’t beholden to them. The very nature of a commission to create bespoke traditional kitchens and classical furniture is that it almost invariably has to fit into an existing architectural setting. There will be existing design cues and these have to be respected. But classical doesn’t have to mean antiquated. We’ll accommodate your modern lifestyle just as much as your traditional tastes.


We like to use subtle details to create a link between traditional and contemporary – chrome stringing inlaid in walnut facing, for example. An unexpected colour. A door-handle with a nod to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a corbel in classical dimensions. By redefining luxury kitchen design and bespoke furniture, we enable your home, interiors and architecture to dovetail with your own personality and lifestyle.


Our aim is to create contemporary kitchen design where the simple beauty of the exterior belies the depth of thought and obsessive workmanship that is put into the smallest of details. With tolerances at one tenth of a millimetre, barely a sliver of light can escape from a McCarron cabinet. Doors close with a satisfying silence. Seamless surfaces make the more mundane tasks of wiping and cleaning a little easier. We’re confident this furniture will stand the test of time. We already know that it stands the test of every day, modern life.